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Chair Massage Conference 2005 Recordings Now Available...

On June 18th and 19th, 2005 BodyworkBiz hosted the first International Chair Massage Conference.

This two-day conference was a fast-paced, idea-rich feast for the mind. It stuck a balance between business-building information and practical in-the-trenches know-how. Just look at the range of presentations outlined below to get a taste of the actual program.

And now, you can experience this unique one-time event through online audio or DVD recordings of the Chair Massage Conference.

Every word was captured for your benefit. You can join the 140 massage professionals who attended without the hassles or expense of traveling to the event. In fact, you can get all 12 hours of audio for less than what it would cost you for a hotel for the night. So treat yourself to a wealth of information and get your today.

Click here to order the audio recordings or DVDs
and get the 5-Day Chair Massage e-course (reg. $49) at no cost

The Chair Massage Conference recordings are available as DVDs or online audio. No matter what format you choose, you will get instant access to the online audio files and complete participant handouts immediately after purchasing.

Take action now and receive an added bonus

The first 50 people who buy any of the above products will get the 5-Day Chair Massage Program valued at $49 absolutely free.

Just over two years ago, I held an intensive five-day course by teleconference. It was intended to give participants a quick start into chair massage. Each day for five days, I sent the participants comprehensive notes and then met by phone for about an hour each day to ensure they had a thorough understanding of the material.

At the time, it sold for $49. This gem was taken out of the BodyworkBiz catalogue to make way for other programs, but it's extremely valuable and as current as ever for anyone who is interested in finding out what's involved in creating a successful chair massage practice. It's a little bonus gift for those who take action right away by getting either the Conference DVDs or the audio.

Click here to order the audio recordings or DVDs
and get the 5-Day Chair Massage e-course (reg. $49) at no cost

Here's what you'll get: Conference sessions and presenters

I was nervous in launching this conference. When you have such a huge range or presenters with different backgrounds and different levels of speaking experience, you never know what to expect. I suppose that adds an element of excitement to the occasion. But to be honest, I expected the worst.

Much to my shock and amazement, every presentation was phenomenal. I was floored by the quality of information and the excellence in presentation. I don't impress easily, but I have to say, it was an incredible two days of power practice building information.

Of course, every participant had their own favorite speaker and their own favorite moment. You can hear and read what they had to say here.

Here are the presenters you can learn from in these 12 hours of recordings.


Unleashing the Power of the Relaxation Response

Eli Bay, Relaxation Response Institute

Eli Bay is one of Canada's foremost authorities on stress. With over 25 years dedicated to speaking about stress and relaxation worldwide, he's a true pioneer, preaching stress management before the term even existed. With two TV series under his belt, countless media appearances, and a non-stop speaking schedule with North America's corporate elite, he's become a celebrity in the field of corporate stress management.

We were very lucky to get Eli Bay to kick off the conference with us. You'll have a deep understanding of the way stress impacts individuals, companies and even society as a whole. And you'll leave with a whole new appreciation for the valuable contribution you make each day through your massage and your ability to initiate a powerful relaxation response in your clients.



Trend Watch: The Seated Stone Experience - Combining chair massage with hot stones

Raymond Blaylock, My Touch Resources

There are very few people who can be considered true pioneers in the field of chair massage, but Raymond is one of them. He recognized the power of chair massage very early in its development and was a key player in popularizing its use in North America. He took chair massage with its Eastern foundation and created a whole new vocabulary of techniques for chair practitioners. He continues to innovate and his latest explorations are in combining chair massage with hot stone massage. Together with Kaite Hurley, he has developed the Seated Stone Experience that combines seated massage with the principles of thermalism using hot and cold stones to create "vascular gymnastics" to promote various therapeutic effects. He'll share his thoughts and insights on this up-and-coming industry trend.



The Fainting Phenomenon: Why people faint in your chair and what to do to make sure it never happens to you

Eric Brown, Director, BodyworkBiz

You may not know this, but the founder of BodyworkBiz, Eric Brown, has been a key player in popularizing chair massage in Canada and has been training practitioners in his unique style across the country since 1994. Eric will explore one of the most mysterious aspects of chair massage: The Fainting Phenomenon.

Fainting is a widely known side effect of chair massage. But why does it happen? And how can you prevent it from happening to your clients? He'll clear up the mystery and outline the physiology behind the phenomenon. You'll learn simple and effective ways to avoid this distressing event and ensure it never happens in your chair.


Get your hands on the recordings now


Corporate Wellness Programs: A corporate insider reveals the inner workings

Pierre Chartier, Wellness Director, Bank of Canada

One of the problems with selling chair massage to corporations is wrapping our mind around the way they think. You need to understand wellness from their perspective in order to communicate the benefits of chair massage in a compelling way. Who better to give us insights into the corporate mind than the man who directs wellness programs in one of Canada's most prestigious (and "corporate") institutions, the Bank of Canada.

Pierre will give you an overview of the wellness industry and help you understand how corporations make decisions to implement programs. He'll give concrete examples from his personal experiences in the field and will share his thoughts on approaching corporations and effectively selling your massage services.



Effortless Chair Massage: Making sure your hands never hurt

Monica Burr, Senior Trainer, Relax to the Max

Monica is a senior trainer at Relax to the Max, North America's only school with dedicated entry-level training in chair massage. This former leading dancer with the renowned Toronto Dance Theatre has spent the past 15 years in the field of postural retraining - teaching people to use their bodies in the most efficient and effortless way possible.

We often hear practitioners say that chair massage is hard on their bodies. "Rubbish", we say. You simply need to learn to use your body in an efficient way, maximizing leverage and your body weight, while minimizing stress to the small joints in your hands and thumbs. Monica will detail seven key body use principles that will help make your chair massage effortless.



Become a Media Darling: How to be almost famous

Marcus Schwartz, PR Expert

Do you want to become a local celebrity? Then don't miss this segment. Former president of the Reflexology Association of Canada turned PR maven, Marcus Schwartz will give you insights on using local media to become almost famous.



Beyond Hands-On: How to increase your income with product sales

Jocelyn Lowe, Owner, All About You Massage

In the world of massage, you are trading your time for money. Unfortunately, there is only so much time you can spend massaging, so you need to maximize the money you make. Jocelyn will show you how easily you can do that by selling interactive products that complement your work. She'll give you lots of great ideas as she shares her personal experiences with products.



Taking Off with Airport Massage: The Denver International Airport

Anita Zimmerman, A Massage Inc. Denver International Airport

If you own a "retail" chair massage business, nothing is as challenging as setting up in an airport. Overhead is extremely high and there are lots of operating restrictions. So who better to teach us the in's and out's of running a chair massage store than a long time veteran of the airport massage scene. Anita has been operating in the airport since 1997 and has two locations. She's offered to share with us what it takes to get up and running at an airport and how you can be successful in a this kind of environment.



Think Global, Massage Local: A guide to getting local customers on the Internet

Paul Rochford, Webmaster, BodyworkBiz

The web is one of the most effective as well as the most underutilized and misunderstood marketing tools available to massage professionals. As webmaster of one of the most highly visited massage sites on the Internet, Paul has some insights on how to create a highly effective website that will sell your services. You'll discover how ridiculously easy it is to create a website and learn about the five pages that your website absolutely must have. More importantly, he'll show you how to drive customers from your local community to your website quickly and inexpensively.



The Sounds of Music: Current research into the relaxation effects of music

Pierre Chartier, Exercise Physiologist

Besides being the Wellness Director at the Bank of Canada, Pierre is also an exercise physiologist. He's very comfortable in the world of science and one area that has grabbed his attention in recent years is the role of music in relaxation.

In this presentation, you'll get an overview of current research in this area. Pierre will highlight the elements that make music relaxing and will demonstrate this through a variety of sound recordings. Of course, you'll learn the implications for yourself as a practitioner and will be better able to decide whether to use music and specifically what kinds of music to use.



Success Story: How to double your sales year after year with no marketing expense

Dianna and Curtis Young

This Texas couple was recently profiled in the AMTA's Massage Therapy Journal. They recognized a need for chair massage in their community and started doing corporate on-site massage. With almost no money they used their brains rather than their wallet to kick start their business. Without spending a dime on advertising, they doubled their sales in their second year in operation. But they didn't stop there. Using guerilla marketing and the power of networking, they doubled their sales again the year after. This dynamic duo will share their business experiences with you and show you how even the most cash strapped, starving massage professional can be highly successful doing on-site massage.



Success Secrets Round Tables

These will be some of the most exciting segments of the conference. A chance to learn from numerous massage practitioners who have been highly successful in different facets of the chair massage industry. These presenters are not "gurus" per se. They are chair massage professionals just like you. And if they've done it, so can you. They've agreed to open up and share their secrets to success in these fast-paced moderated discussions. There are two distinct presentations, one focusing on corporate massage and the other on consumers.

Round table 1: Corporate Success Secrets

In this lively panel discussion, four practitioners who have done exceptionally well in the corporate market will share their secrets to success. Each will condense their most valuable insights into a 10-15 minute presentation. They'll give you a ton of practical and easy-to-implement ideas. We opened the floor and gave participants a chance to fire away in an intense question and answer session where the panel will share with you exactly the kind of information you need to be successful in this potentially lucrative market.

Round table 2: Consumer Success Secrets

In this fast-paced panel discussion, four practitioners who have done exceptionally well in unique situations, like massage parties and retail massage, will share their secrets to success. Like the corporate quick rounds, each will condense their most valuable insights into a 10-15 minute presentation filled with practical ideas. We opened the floor and gave participants a chance to fire away in an intense question and answer session. You'll be amazed as your mind is opened to a world of possibilities for using massage and marketing massage in ways that you didn't even imagine possible.


Click here to order the audio recordings or DVDs
and get the 5-Day Chair Massage e-course (reg. $49) at no cost

Get Your Hands On These Today

The Chair Massage industry continues to grow in leaps and bounds. Look at any media article about massage and chances are two to one that chair massage is featured over table massage.

As competition continues to climb in the massage field, successful massage professionals recognize chair massage not only as a valuable stream of income, but also a way to connect with potential clients and grow their massage business.

Here's your chance to learn from some of the top experts in the chair massage industry and take away valuable information to help you grow your practice.

I've had all the sessions professionally recorded and edited. You can get the chair massage conference on DVDs or audio.

Here are your options:


DVDs of the two-day event give you the feeling of being there. Many of the presenters used great PowerPoint presentations to drive home their point, which you'll get to see. You'll also get a better sense of what the presenters are talking about in sessions on body mechanics, stone massage and handling fainting episodes. (Not to mention the fact that you'll get to see me in my Grand Poohbah hat.)

Click here to order the DVDs NOW

The four DVD set is only $199 (includes free shipping) - less than what it would cost for hotel accommodation alone at the conference. These will be shipped by standard postal mail. And I will give all DVD purchasers online access to the audio files that you can listen to online or download to burn onto CDs. You can get the DVDs here and get instant access to the audio online as well as presentation summaries.



OPTION 2: Online Audio

If money is tight, there is one more option: Online audio recordings. The conference audio will be available online. There are two formats: 1) Flash audio which can be played on any computer with speakers, and 2) MP3 files that you can listen to online or download and burn onto CDs of your own. Again, I'll include written presentation summaries. These are available for only $89 and for a short time only. Get them today.

Click here to order the audio recordings NOW


An exceptional bonus

The first 50 people who purchase either the online audio or DVDs will get the 5-Day Chair Massage Program valued at $49 absolutely free.

Just over two years ago, I held an intensive five-day course by teleconference. It was intended to give participants a quick start into chair massage. Each day for five days, I sent the participants comprehensive notes and then met by phone for about an hour each day to ensure they had a thorough understanding of the material.

As always, you have to be delighted with the recordings or you don't have to pay. If you are not happy with the quality of the presentations and feel that you really haven't learned anything for the panel of experts, then simply ship the recordings back to me with a refund request and I'll reverse the charges to your credit card immediately. You have nothing to lose, so pick up your copy of the first International Chair Massage Conference today.


Eric Brown, Director