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260 tips

Are you struggling in your massage practice or would you simply like to kick it up a notch? Then you absolutely must get your hands on these...

Filling a practice is the number one source of concern and frustration among both new and experienced massage professionals.

It seems as though there are just too many massage therapists and bodyworkers without a full practice. These are good or even expert massage professionals who have been trained well, who really care about their work and who have an excellent track record. But despite their excellent skills they can't seem to reach the level of success they desire in their massage business.

I thought, "There must be something that can be done about this. What if every massage professional took just a few minutes to share a few ideas, strategies or techniques that have worked for them personally. We would have the most comprehensive collection of massage practice-building ideas ever assembled on planet earth."

I was convinced that, together, we could help each other fill our practices with quality clients. But how could I pick the brains of the hundreds of thousands of practicing massage therapists and bodyworkers? I couldn't. But...

I did have a list of over 3,000 Massage Marketing Tips subscribers. So I asked these 3,000 active massage professionals from around the world to join me in compiling a "master list" of massage marketing strategies, techniques and secrets that can help massage therapists and bodyworkers worldwide to get more clients and build their massage businesses.



The plan...

My plan was to compile a list of 260 best-of-the-best marketing strategies that massage professionals, just like you, had used, tested and found effective in building their practices. I would edit them, format them, and put them together in a phenomenal e-course that could be made available to anyone over the Internet, much like the 101-Day programs that are available here on the BodyworkBiz site.

I challenged each subscriber to send me in one of the most effective marketing ideas that they had personally used in their practice.

I said, "Tell me: What's working for you marketing-wise? What are you doing? What are you saying? What are you offering? What are you asking? What have you discovered about what helps clients buy your services?"

"Your stories...that's what we need to make this upcoming project - 260 Extremely Practical Ways to Fill Your Massage Practice - a success."

Here's what happened...

Some massage therapists wouldn't share what was working for them. Human nature, I guess. And I honestly didn't expect many to respond to my request. After all, we're all busy and there's not a lot of motivation to share your "secrets" with others.

But I guessed that there were many who had a heartfelt desire to help other massage professionals in their practices and help the massage industry thrive. I knew that many would recognize the importance of increasing the size of the pie, so to speak, rather than fighting for a piece of it. It was to these people I made my plea for assistance.

And you know what? They blew my socks off! I was totally surprised by the outpouring of ideas and the willingness of the participants to share what they knew for everyone's benefit. I thought it might take me up to six months of coaxing and cajoling to put together a couple hundred marketing tips. But instead, I had those two hundred contributions in a little over three weeks!

Why only 260 ideas?

They say that beggars can't be choosers, but I ignored the clich�. I didn't want any vague, theoretical or conceptual ideas. I only wanted effective and proven ideas that were used in the trenches, so to speak, every day by professionals like yourself.

If you've taken one of the other courses that are available at BodyworkBiz, you know the high caliber of information that is contained in those programs. I felt that even though we were not directly writing most of these lessons, that a superior level of quality was critical, both to provide you with the most valuable resource possible and to maintain our reputation for relevant, useful and high value material.

As a result, I was somewhat ruthless in my selection process (and if I rejected your submission, I hope you're not offended). I rejected about 40% of the submissions or sent them back for additional information and reworking.

So although I probably could have created a program with 501 or even 1001 ideas, I wanted you to have the best resource possible.

In addition, I wanted to serialize these ideas as daily lessons for you. Just as the 101-Day programs deliver a lesson in your inbox for 101 days, I wanted to be able to deliver one idea every day into your inbox. So 260 lessons seemed to make perfect sense as I could then send you a note every morning, Monday to Friday, for a whole year!

You can now get your hands on the "secrets" of successful massage professionals...

The BodyworkBiz team and I have been busy compiling, editing, proofing, formatting and organizing what has turned out to be an unbelievably valuable program. Nothing like this has ever been compiled in the history of massage.

To truly understand the value of this collection, consider this: These lessons were contributed from a group of over 3,000 therapists. With an average of five years' experience each, these professionals have over 15,000 years of collective experience!! That's a lot of years of learning to say the least!

And now you can have their knowledge at your fingertips.



What do I get?

When you order the program, you'll get instant access to the full collection of 260 Extremely Practical Ways to Fill Your Massage Practice. All lessons will be archived and available for you to view at any time.

These will also be delivered to your inbox daily, from Monday to Friday for a whole year. You'll start each day with a burst of inspiration and motivation. It also helps keep your mind focused on the all-important task of reaching people and getting them to use your services so that they can benefit from what you offer. After all, being the best massage professional in the world is a complete waste of your time if nobody makes use of your valuable skills.

Each story, lesson, tip, strategy is relatively short and easy to read. There's no theoretical mumbo-jumbo. As the title says, each idea is "extremely practical". Most are written entirely by a massage professional like yourself who will explain the how to's of their particular practice building technique and the results that they've achieved as a result.

And what if you need help in a particular area of your business right now? For example, let's say that the Christmas season is approaching and you want creative ideas to promote gift certificates. How do you find the information you want when you need it?

To help make this reference incredibly timely and practical, we've implemented a valuable search function. It makes shifting through this vast database of knowledge a simple process.

If you are looking for gift certificate sales ideas, then simply enter a search term like "gift certificate" in the search box and you'll find approximately 50 stories of massage professionals who have successfully used gift certificates in unique ways to build their practice - one of which is bound to fit your unique circumstances perfectly. If you want to narrow it down to holiday promotions, then enter "Christmas" in the search box and you'll get about 15 results.

Getting practical information exactly when you need it couldn't be easier. You'll have the best ideas for building your practice literally available at your fingertips any time of the day or night.

Unsurpassed value...

You'll receive five concise, incredibly practical, real-life marketing ideas each week. It's inevitable that you'll find at least one "perfect" idea for you and your unique business situation. Use just one of these ideas and the course will pay for itself many times over.

When you see some of these ideas and tips, you'll be amazed at how ridiculously simple building your practice can be. For example, in one lesson, you'll find out how one therapist spent about one hour of his time and probably less than $50 to generate $2,652 of additional sales within three months - and he'll be seeing additional sales from that effort for years to come. If this therapist had bought this program for his own tip, it would have easily paid for itself 100 times over.

And if having access to the best ideas from hundreds of massage professionals worldwide is not sufficient motivation for you then look at it this way...

I've offered up to 260 free copies of the program to the massage professionals who contributed - it's the equivalent of $26,000 in writing fees. In addition, the cost of editing, proofing, formatting, web design and delivery will likely cost up to $25,000 more. (The two 101-Day programs cost over $20,000 each to produce.)

In essence, you are getting a $50,000 resource. But the cost of the program for you is only $99 - likely less than the cost of a couple of treatments.

So if you want to learn from your colleagues around the world the secrets to getting more massage clients and filling your massage practice then please...



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PS. One of the most exciting features of this program is the voting and comments function.


Have you ever been to If I'm ever looking for a book, it's the first place I go. Not because they are the largest bookstore in the world, but because I love the user ratings and comments on each book. I think it's one of the most useful features of the site because the ratings and comments give me a deeper insight into the value of the book and whether or not I should give it a try.

We thought it would be terrific to have a similar kind of function available for the 260 Ways program. It really adds to and expands to the information that is presented and it's a great way to interact with others, share ideas and expand your thinking.