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BodyworkBiz has closed it's doors for business. However, there may still be time to order the Retirement package. Customers can continue to login to access purchases until Dec 31, 2015

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The BodyworkBiz site closed its doors on December 31, 2014. However, there are some great practice building resources from Eric Brown that are available on other platforms.

Newest Releases: June 2017

Chair Massage Marketing 101: Your step-by-step guide to creating a thriving chair massage business

You can have a successful chair massage business! You can make some great money doing chair massage, but developing your business can be extremely difficult if you don't have this essential knowledge about creating, marketing, and operating a chair massage practice. This book encapsulates the success secrets of North America's most successful chair massage professionals and will ensure that you develop a thriving business. Learn pretty much everything there is to know about chair massage, from choosing a chair and finding training, to getting into the boardrooms and moving clients into your clinic. This book is action and outcome-oriented - not just a lot of information. You'll get 101 clear, simple, doable action steps to lead you to success.

Available for a special launch price on Amazon

The Relax to the Max Guide to Chair Massage Techniques

Chair massage can be a profitable addition to your practice. Unfortunately, most massage techniques you learn in massage school don’t work well with a massage chair. As a result, we end up either doing light ineffective massage or stressing our hands and hurting our bodies.

In this richly illustrated guide, you’ll learn:

  • The 8 essential principles of effective body use
  • Dozens of effective, easy-to-perform chair massage techniques for the back, neck, shoulders and arms
  • A 15-minute market-tested routine for use in corporate environments
  • Detailed instructions on setting up your massage chair for maximum comfort
  • The “fainting phenomenon” that is unique to chair massage and how to prevent it from happening How to use your body for maximum effectiveness without stress to your hands or back
  • A complete series of lower body techniques performed right in the chair
  • Guidelines for customizing your chair massage, whether you are doing a two-minute sample or a one-hour full body massage

Available at a special launch price on Amazon

Also available as a video course at:

New Release: May 2017
TinyLetter Guide: Set up, design and send your first email newsletter in under an hour... for free!

Available for just $2.99!

I’ve always said that every therapist should be developing an email list and communicating regularly with their clients. It doesn’t matter if you have 30 clients or 3,000 clients. And I’m constantly shocked that almost no therapists do this.

I think part of the problem is that the idea of writing and producing an email newsletter is just too intimidating… and possibly expensive. Well, four years ago, one of the largest commercial email providers, MailChimp, released a free service that made the whole process super simple. It’s not much more complicated than writing an email in Gmail or in whatever email program you use. At the same time it takes care of all the unpleasant tasks like managing subscribers, keeping archives, tracking replies, creating signup forms. All that yucky stuff is mostly invisible to you, so you can focus on what’s important: Developing a relationship with your clients.

So in this book, I’ll take you through the process of setting up your own email newsletter. Just follow along and complete the tasks as I outline them. There are lots of pictures and illustrations so you can see exactly what needs to be done. In about an hour, we’ll:

  • Sign you up and configure your account
  • Create and customize your sign up form
  • Design your newsletter
  • Write the newsletter copy
  • Add five subscribers
  • And send your first newsletter

…all in about an hour!

And the email service is absolutely free!

Get the book on Amazon for just $2.99!

Also available as a video course on SkillShare. (I'll be putting up more video courses on this site. Subscribe and get access to all of them. Use this link and get the first month for free!

Fill Your Practice 101 
This was one of the cornerstone courses at BodyworkBiz and you can still get it in book format through Amazon and CreateSpace. 

Amazon hosts the Kindle version. You don't need a Kindle to read it. You can read it online on your computer or download the free Kindle app and read it on your tablet or phone. You can preview a few chapters for free on Amazon. 

Get the Kindle version of Fill Your Practice 101 for just US$7.99

If you're old-school and love the feeling of paper under your hands, you can get a paperback copy on CreateSpace. It's rather large at 380 pages, so I'm responsible for the death of more than just a few trees. However, it's super easy to read and is divided up into 101 short chapters. You can use it as a reference and don't need to read it from cover to cover to benefit. 

Get the paperback version of Fill Your Practice 101

Note that some of the links to BodyworkBiz in the book are no longer active. Although it hasn't been updated recently, most of the material is still as relevant as it has ever been. 

60 Clients in 60 Days
If there is one thing that has helped more massage therapists have successful businesses than anything else in the world, it's the 60 Clients in 60 Days strategy. You can hate sales and marketing and still be successful with this super effective, low stress marketing approach. The reason I love it is that anyone can do it. Not only will it bring a stream of clients through your door, but it will build your confidence and make you fall in love with massage again. This is a no-brainer, folks. If you haven't got this yet, get it now. 

Get the Kindle version of 60 Clients in 60 Days for just US$4.99

On Amazon, it's got an average customer rating of 4.7 out of 5. Hey! That's almost a point higher than most iPhones! Check out the reviews.

Marketing Ideas that Work
You can also still join the BodyworkBiz Group on Facebook. It's a very active community of over 6,000 members. Everyone is very helpful and supportive. Be warned: Discussions must be limited to business and marketing only. Post any ads or random images (no matter how cute) and you're out of there.

Please be sure to update the About page on your Facebook Profile so there is an indication that you are a massage practitioner and not a spammer. I review each join request personally to confirm that it's legit.